Beef and Mini Dumplings in Ale Soup (Covent Garden Soup Co Competition)


half pint beef gravy from sunday lunches joint.
1 cup pre roasted roughly shredded beef from sundays joint
half a cup of old hookey ‘hob goblin’ ale
1 stick of celery (de strung)
1 red onion chopped
3 diced carrots
1 clove garlic crushed.
1 heaped tbs pearl barley
few sprigs oregano chopped
black pepper to taste.

6 mini herb dumplings

Cooking instructions

sweat onions and garlic in a pan in oil, add liquids pearl barley and herbs.Stir in chopped veg and beef and cook slowly. (I use a slow cooker and let the flavors melt together all day long). I cook my dumplings in the oven (strange I know) and then plonk them in the soup just before serving… topped with fresh chopped parsley.


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